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The computerization of loan and credit services is a process that has been extremely dynamic for at least several years. Currently, both banks and loan institutions are increasingly offering their customers the option of taking a consumer loan or non-bank loan in a completely online way.

However, this applies primarily to the offer of loan institutions, i.e. in relation to companies in this sector, the results of the computerization process are the most visible and at the same time create the most favorable conditions for customers. Many of the lending institutions currently operating on the Polish market not only allow consumers to obtain loans in a completely online way but often also operate only via the Internet, i.e. without having fixed branches.

Such solutions as broadly understood online payday loans undoubtedly belong to the extremely attractive proposals. This does not mean, however, that they should be used in a completely arbitrary manner, i.e. without at least basic knowledge of the main principles of the loan sector.

Online payday lenders: get a fast online quote today

So what is worth knowing about fast online payday loans, what to remember and how to distinguish reliable offers from offers of companies with a suspicious reputation? Let’s visit Bridge take a closer look at online payday loans.

As is well known, the Consumer Credit Act imposed certain restrictions on advertising methods for both banks and lending institutions. Banks and loan companies must, for example, inform in advertisements about the amount of APRC. Unfortunately, these regulations have not completely eliminated the phenomenon of so-called missing, i.e. misleading the customer.

With regard to services such as payday loans online, this often involves advertising a given loan product as available over the internet, while in reality only part of the process of obtaining a loan in a given company is carried out in an ongoing way. So sometimes it turns out that although the loan application itself can be completed online, “individual contract terms are determined by a telephone conversation with the company’s consultant.”

So how can we check whether a given company offers us loans that are fully implemented online? Carefully read the regulations, information prospectuses, and framework loan agreements, which are available on the websites of loan institutions. If a company does not provide accurate information in this regard, it is best to look for another offer.

What else is worth knowing about?

One should be aware that in the case of using online loans, other aspects are often subject to computerization, e.g. verification of creditworthiness and verification of the borrower’s identity. On the one hand, this is a favorable circumstance for the client because it speeds up the process of applying for a loan. On the other hand, it is worth knowing that services such as Kontomatik or Instantor not only collect our personal data, but also data from our bank account. In this way, loan companies check not only our identity but also whether, for example, the information on the income we provide in the loan application is true.

How to distinguish between a safe offer for payday loans online?

Services such as payday loans online are available not only in the offer of loan institutions but also in so-called para banks, i.e. entities providing loan services by bypassing the provisions of Polish law.

Contrary to appearances, verifying whether a given company is a loan institution or a para bank is easy and does not require special effort. It is enough to check whether our potential lender is in the Register of Loan Institutions operating at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

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