Student loans: here are the possible solutions

Education has gradually turned into a real luxury, and not only because of the ever higher costs of university fees, but also because of the recurring expenses focused mainly on the purchase of books. To guarantee everyone the possibility of building their own future, numerous universities have entered into agreements with the main credit institutions, with the aim of facilitating access to credit so as to finance their studies, without the need to present any warranty.

However in most cases this possibility is granted only to “deserving” students (as in the case of Erasmus) or to those who have an average equal to or higher than the levels set in the agreements, which refer to medium-high values ​​anyway.


How to know the honor loans for university students

honor loans for university students

The easiest way remains the one that uses the information channels of its university. If you have not yet reached a definitive decision on the university where you want to enroll, in perspective, it is useful to ascertain if these agreements exist, the banks that are involved and if you can rely on a structured offer or on proposals with a sporadic character and in any case strongly conditioned by the time horizon to be able to access it.


Characteristics of student loans

student loans

Student loan of honor remains the most interesting form since guarantees are not required for their grant, so parents are not involved as guarantors, but it is not the only form.

For small amounts (usually less than $ 5,000) and with extremely variable amortization plans, but in any case less than two years, you can rely on some loans especially dedicated to young people. In these cases you must have an income as guarantee (project contracts and other forms of atypical work are also taken into consideration), or you must request the signature of a guarantor.

Loans of honor, on the other hand, make it possible to obtain considerably greater amounts both in terms of sums paid and in terms of repayment plans. There are also particularly advantageous conditions for those students who present a first level university curriculum.


The zero-interest loans to buy books

The zero-interest loans to buy books

The high costs of the books have led to the creation of some types of loans aimed precisely at the purchase of school textbooks, which have a very short duration, but which on the other hand do not involve the payment of interest.

These are forms of financing which on average provide for the possibility of repaying the loan over a period of time ranging from three to six months. For information and access to the service, usually free of charge and active immediately after paying for university enrollment, you must contact the libraries of your university, or the appropriate counters (generally always connected to libraries or student services).


Examples of student loans

student loans

  • Nicepocket Bank which confirms itself to be one of the most attentive and present banks also for this target of customers, with numerous agreements active at the main universities. There are also numerous possible proposals: Nicepocket Bank futuriamo or Discount and Praise;
  • Onecredi provides the CreditExpress for young people (up to 5 thousand dollars repayable in a maximum of 36 installments), the CreditExpress Master (15 thousand dollars to be repaid in a maximum of 96 installments), while as a real honor loan there is Onecredi Ad honor;
  • UniMoney Postal Bank represents an intermediate solution, as it falls under student loans but passes through agreements with numerous universities;
  • Lendomestic offers a personal loan that can be adapted to the students’ educational path, but which, in fact, beyond the name, remains a loan with a highly generic character and higher interest rates.

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